How I built my personal website with Gatsby

About a year ago I stumbled upon GatsbyJS, a static site generator that puts performance first and uses GraphQL to build its data layer. My personal website was due for a rewrite and I played around with the framework. Sadly its TypeScript support was pretty much non-existent so I lost interest.

The Gatsby development team didn’t lose interest luckily and TypeScript support has been (partially) added. Enough reason for me to try the framework again and write my new personal website. This blog post is a breakdown of how I used GatsbyJS to create my new website.


[WIP] About gatsby


[WIP] About plugins for gatsby


[WIP] About how I do blogs

Projects Showcase

[WIP] About how I made my projects list

GitHub Repositories

[WIP] About how I used github graphql api

TypeScript Support

[WIP] About how I added typescript support


[WIP] About how I host the website